Is this service only for students

No. This Housing service concerns not only students but also expatriates, visitors or tourists and all people who wish to rent an Apartment or looking for a room share

How long minimum should be that duration of the stay to benefit our services ?

Our services are available for all people looking for a 1 month minimum stay.

The maximum duration could vary from 11 to 36 months

I wish to be in room share, is it possible ?

Absolutely. We are proposing Private Apartments (Rental) and Rooms (Co Rental). You will sure the Kitchen and Bathroom. This will depend on your budget and wishes.

Is this service only for adults ?

If a reservation is made by a minor, a ID photocopy and written authorization of the Legal Representative will be necessary. If the reservation is done by an adult, only the ID  Photocopy will be asked along with the required documentation to proceed the Booking

Why should I give a photocopy of my ID to book my place ?

We are working in accordance with local laws and regulations. The proof of the Identities of the tenants is mandatory to close the Booking. For safety and security reasons, we will be the only one to look at those documents and we will not display them for commercial reasons.

Will the given information stay confidential ?

When the contract is signed, names and first names of all tenants are required. Those information are used to make your reservation documentation and will never be used for other purposes

Where are located your Apartments ?

All Apartments are located close to local transportations for convenience. We are committed to propose Housing options close to all commodities in safe and residential areas.

Is there a signed contract upon Reservation/Booking ?

Yes. A contract containing all information about the rental is signed between you and the Apartment manager/representative. The elements appearing in the contract will be the Rental rate, the tenants names, the Housing exact address, the cancellation policies and all required information to the rental.

May I visit the Housing before signing the Lease ?

A visit is possible if the place is not occupied when you wish to visit. For privacy reasons, we avoid to bother current Tenants during their stay. We have settled a Quality Process to guarantee the Housing safety and overall conformity.